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NHR confusion to end with a tax return service dedicated to Expats

Fresh Portugal, a Portuguese desk of an international law group specialising in taxation, has announced registration for early access to FreshReturns, a tax return product designed specifically for expats benefiting from the NHR scheme.


The service, now open for early access for a limited time, is the first of its kind and is meant to resolve the many confusions and inaccurate tax reporting in the expat community.


Everyone living in Portugal with foreign income needs to file a tax return at the end of each tax year in Portugal.


Due to the complexity of the NHR scheme, filing a correct tax return in Portugal is almost an impossible mission. Expats with income sources such as LLCs, limited companies or S-Corps often find themselves puzzled in front of the Portuguese annual statement wondering what to do and high streets accountants without deep understanding of corresponding systems are often unable to offer reliable help.


Fresh Portugal already helps hundreds of expats, primarily those on high income, to plan their taxation. To support all expats, Fresh has already Joana the tax bot, an automated chatbot that provides basic advice to expat on taxation in Portugal. With the launch of FreshReturns, Fresh Portugal is completing its offering to all expats in Portugal.

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