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Our tax filing services for 2022

The day has arrived and our much anticipated tax calculator for expats is finally up and running. Our tax calculator is the first product to estimate taxes for expats under the NHR scheme. There is nothing quite like it.


But estimating taxes is not enough. Eventually, a tax return need to be filed and at Fresh we designed the best-in-class tax return filing service, designed around our calculator.


Early on in our journey, we consulted our clients and the expat community and a large majority told us that they would not feel comfortable self-filing their taxes. Further conversations have made it clear that nearly everyone filing their taxes in Portugal would want to consult a tax lawyer before doing so. We therefore made it a standard part of our service. 


Our tax filing package (500 Euros)

Our most common tax return and is meant for people with income streams that include income from work, profits and investments. 

Once you book our service, we will ask you to provide us your income information and personal details and will book a consultation with a tax attorney to discuss it. 

This will be followed by filing and reporting the tax return.

Our standard packages do not include responding to queries from the tax authorities, arguing with them or taking them to court.  


Fresh Membership  (125 Euros a month)

For people who have complex income, or people who need regular access to tax services, including people who are self-employed in Portugal and need to file VAT and social security reports, we designed a membership package that includes the tax return but also ongoing consultancy. 


Next steps

The next step would be to book a package with us. If you are not sure about which package you need, do not worry, you can change it later. 

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