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Thank you for contacting FRESH

Hi there,

If we referred you to this post, it is probably because you got in touch with us via a social media channel, a personal message or an email. We have a larger amount of contacts than what we can handle so prepared this document to help you navigate the best way to work with us.

First, we would like to thank you very much for contacting us. We created a lot of resources to help people get information about tax benefits in Portugal (and now, in Spain). This includes: our blog, our tax advisor bot (we do apologise but due to a messenger bug, it only works for about 75% of people), our YouYube channel, and most importantly, our Facebook groups (Portugal / Spain). All Q&A in our groups is completely free of charge. 

However, that if you are looking for an individual advice, confidentially, by a lawyer, you must book one of our services. We get many request to have a "quick chat", "an introductory meeting", to "assess suitability", "to get to know us" or "make sure we can help" before deciding to work with us. 

We completely understand that people are hesitant to pay for advice, particularly since we often advise people who have previously consulted other tax experts and did not feel satisfied. 

However, we still cannot do "free intro meetings", for the following reasons:

(1) Our preference is always our clients and not new prospects. We want to dedicate our clients the time they deserve.

(2) We don't know how to hold introductory meetings without actually advising. It is awkward and artificial to hold back advice until the "introduction" stage is over.  

(3) The typical true value of half an hour of advice from a true expert is often in the 5,6 and even 7 figures. Whatever we charge, it would still be a good deal.

(4) We are widely recognised as one of the best tax firms in Portugal. See our reviews.


We, of course, understand that this may not work for you and therefore invite you to use one of our free services explained above.

Thank you for understanding!

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