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Tax return in Portugal 2023

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Before we can proceed, here are a few things that we need you to confirm:
  1. I hereby agree to have Fresh Portugal help me submit my tax return in Portugal for the year 2023.
  2. I confirm that I provided accurate information and that all my worldwide annual income is included in this return.
  3. I understand that Portugal has an annual statement system which is based on people reporting their income as accurately as they can and the authorities occasionally screening and auditing such statements. I understand that my own tax return could be audited or that I could be asked to produce documents or further clarifications.
  4. I understand that this website and the guidance from Fresh Portugal is based on their understanding of the law and the applicable double taxation treaties. I also understand that much of the law with regards to foreign income is not well settled and falls into “grey areas”.
  5. I therefore understand that the authorities can take a different view to mine or to that of Fresh Portugal and consider different classifications of income to be more appropriate.
  6. I am aware that our tax return package does not include representation in enquiries or an audit, in case they happen. Such work is billed on an hourly basis.
  7. I understand that the return will be filed on the basis of the information I entered into the form and that our service does not include a detailed review of tax documents from another country. Specifically, I am aware that Portugal does not offer automated upload of securities gains and that if I had capital gains from securities, it is my responsibility to input the information and that I have done it in the form.
I confirm all of the above
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